CAME Kids Test | Set 1

Welcome to your CAME Kids Test | Set 1

Writes better than average for age.

Has a good memory for names, places, dates, or trivia.

Asks a lot of questions about how things work.

Enjoys working or playing with numbers.

Enjoys math class.

Reports clear visual images.

Reads maps, charts, and diagrams more easily than text.

Daydreams a lot.

Excels in one or more sports ..

Moves, twitches, taps, or fidgets while seated for a long time in one spot.

Cleverly mimics other people's gestures or mannerisms.

Has a pleasant singing voice.

Can tell when a musical note is off-key.

Frequently listen to music on radio, records, cassettes, or compact discs.

Enjoys socializing with peers.

Seems to be a natural leader.

Gives sound advice to friends who have problems.

Displays a sense of independence or a strong will..

Has a realistic sense of his/her abilities and weaknesses.

Does well when left alone to play or study.

Relates better to animals (e.g. pets),than to people.

Likes field trips to natural settings.

Notices details in natural formations (e.g. clouds, mountains, geology, etc.) that others might miss.

Helps at little household tasks.

Dresses self except for tying.

Plays simple games which require taking turns.

Takes food by self.

Toilet control present.

Comprehends 'hunger' , 'cold'.

Plays cooperatively with children.

Tells stories.

Makes simple drawings.

Dresses with no supervision.

Describes actions in pictures.

Gives sensible answers to questions.

Can, name primary colors.

Writes simple words.

Restless or overactive.

Excitable, impulsive.

Disturbs other children.

Fails to finish things, no starts.

Constantly fidgeting / short attention span.

Inattentive, easily distracted.

Demands must be met immediately, easily frustrated.

Cries often andeasily.

Mood changes quickly and drastically.

Temper tantrums, explosive and unpredictable behavior.

Relating to people


Emotional Response

Object use

Adaptation to change

Visua I Response

Listening Response

Taste, smell & touch Response

Fear or Nervousness

Verbal communication

Mispronounce (or used to) only certain words (e.g., says amunul for animal, poothtaste for toothpaste)

Have difficulty reading unfamiliar words or guess at them?

Pause, repeat or make mistakes when reading aloud?

Struggle to understand what he or she has read?

Avoid reading for pleasure?

Make spelling errors in homework assignments?

Have messy handwriting?

Have trouble with punctuation and capitalization?

Resist writing tasks?

Have difficulty getting thoughts down on paper?

Confuse math symbols and/or operations? {e.g., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division}

Have difficulty comparing the relative size of whole numbers and/or fractions? (e.g., Which is largest: 347 or 743? Which is largest:¼ or½)?

Reverse numbers? {e.g., 81 for 18}

Struggle with concepts related to time and/or money? {e.g., days, weeks, months, hours; penny, nickel, dime} Struggle to differentiate facts from fantasy?

Express anxiety or frustration?

Seem to tire easily when doing school work?

Complain of aches, pains or other discomforts?

Say she/he feels stupid or not as smart as other kids? Resist authority? {e.g., argue with or frequently disobey parents and/or teachers}

Struggle to follow spoken directions or explanations, especially when there are no illustrations?

Have difficulty understanding spoken language when there is a lot of background noise?

Have difficulty following verbal jokes or a story read aloud by an adult?

Struggle to participate in extended conversations or miss parts of conversations?

Struggle with science and/or history terms, concepts or facts? {e.g., What is a mammal? What is democracy?}

Have difficulty maintaining attention for more than 15 minutes?

Take a long time to complete simple tasks?

Have difficulty planning and/or organizing tasks?

Lose track of time or misplace objects?

Have trouble tolerating boredom or tedious tasks?

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